Fifa Presidency Vote Goes To Second Ballot After Blatter Fails To Secure 66% Majority


Fifa President Sep Blatter's re-election bid has been thwarted at least for the moment, after first-round ballots did not return the top footballing administrator with the 66% majority he needed to secure a fifth term.

His rival, 39-year-old Jordanian Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, secured 73 votes in the first round, depriving Mr Blatter, who got 133 votes, of an easy victory.

The vote will now go to a second round, where the winner will need to secure more than 105 votes to become the next Fifa president.

Blatter emerges the victor

The two men endured over an hour-and-a-half's wait while the 209 football associations in attendance cast their ballot one-by-one, in the privacy of a voting booth.

It was revealed that three votes were spoilt and discounted.

The arena where countries sat waiting to be called

The 2015 Fifa Congress was dogged by controversy after high-ranking officials close to Blatter, including his Vice President Jeffrey Webb, were arrested in a dawn raid just days before by US officials as part of a suspected $150m bribery sting.

On its opening day, the event was riddled with high drama, as first protesters had to be removed by security, then police warned of a bomb scare, and finally intense last-minute negotiations over a plot to ban Israel from world football, all threatened to overshadow the day's events.

65th FIFA Congress

Fifa's Day Of Controversy

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