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Going It Alone - The Steps You Need To Take When Setting Up Your Own Business

7 Motivational Steps To Start-Up Success

You’ve had a great idea, you want to turn it into a money-spinner, you’re ready to go it alone and start-up your dream business straight away.

Hold your horses. The thing about a great idea is that it happens inside an encouraging mind, bursting with excitement and hope. It’s only after the plan has been put in to motion that the reality of it kicks in, other people get involved (or worse, they dismiss it), and suddenly your idea starts rhyming with oh dear.

Considering 50% of small businesses fail in the early stages, it’s clear a lot of novice entrepreneurs get carried away with the poetry of being one’s own boss, without first becoming well-versed in the ramifications of doing so.

But follow these steps before you start-up, and with the aid of our handy cut-out-and-keep motivational quotes, you too could be among the lucky ones whose idea turns out to be even better than you dreamed…

Is This A Winning Idea?

Steps To Setting Up Own Business

Before You Go