01/06/2015 13:40 BST | Updated 01/06/2015 13:59 BST

Marina And The Diamonds Just Gave Twitter The Most Amazing Lesson In Feminism

Erik Kabik Photography/MediaPunch/IPx
LAS VEGAS, NV - April 13: ***HOUSE COVERAGE*** Marina and The Diamonds at The Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV on April 13, 2015. Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ Retna Ltd./MediaPunch/IPX

Marina Diamandis, aka Marina And The Diamonds, might just be our new favourite feminist pop star.

Diamandis features on the latest cover of Nylon magazine where she is heralded as: "The sound of feminism now."

The Welsh singer tweeted a picture of the cover, followed by a second tweet which appeared to quote her 'Can’t Pin Me Down' lyrics: "Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem? I’m happy cooking dinner in the kitchen for my husband."

(We say "appeared" because a large portion of the tweet was in emojis.)

Previously speaking to The Guardian, Diamandis commented on the lyrics saying: "Am I feminist? Fuck, yes. But even with feminism it’s not about being independent the whole time. There’s nothing wrong with being a housewife."

Later on Twitter, she went on to suggest that it's ridiculous to even ask a woman if she is a feminist in 2015.

Before calling inequality "absolutely insane".

She signed off by proving a feminist can believe in equal rights and still enjoy cooking dinner for her man every once in a while.

Bravo, Marina. Bravo.


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