Instagram Update: You'll Soon Be Able To Shop Your Feed

The new Instagram update is about to turn your favourite app into a virtual shopping centre (we can almost hear our bank balances draining).

There will now be the option to shop products in-app - making life simpler for fashion lovers everywhere.

On Tuesday Instagram owners announced in a blog post they will be introducing a "Shop Now" button to promotional posts, eliminating the need for users to click through to the website in a brand's bio.

Facebook, which bought Instagram in 2012, also announced plans to open the Instagram feed to all advertisers - from local clothing stores to high street giants.

Brands will be able to target ads to the service's 300 million users based on interest, age, location, and gender in an aim to deliver ads suited to your individual tastes.

The downside? Expect to see more ads than ever before *cries into smartphone*.

Michelle Madhok’s Online Shopping Tips