How To Make A Bacon And Egg McMuffin At Home

Bacon and egg McMuffins are one of McDonalds' greatest gifts to the world - particularly when you're nursing a sore head on a Saturday morning.

And now, thanks to YouTube channel Crouton Crackerjacks, you don't even have to leave the house to get your hands on one.

To make your own bacon and egg breakfast muffins, you will need:

:: Bacon or sausage

:: Eggs

:: Cheese slices

:: English muffins

:: Butter

:: Vegetable oil

:: Non-stick spray


1. Fry your bacon or sausage.

2. Remove from the griddle and place on a kitchen towel to drain the excess oil.

3. Put half a teaspoon of butter and half a teaspoon of vegetable oil in a clean frying pan (the butter adds flavour while the vegetable oil stops your butter from burning), halve your breakfast muffins and place them in the pan.

4. To ensure they cook through, place something heavy on top of the muffins - a small can or tin works well. After two minutes, once they are golden brown, take your muffins out of the pan.

5. Next, prep the eggs. To make the eggs perfectly rounded, use an egg ring or - if you don't own any - you can use rounded cookie cutters (basically you just need anything round, that sits flat and is 3" to 3-1/2" in diameter). Spray the egg rings with non-stick spray and place in the frying pan.

6. Crack one egg into each egg ring (you will need one per sandwich). Then, pinch the yolks to break them and spread the yolk around.

7. Pour some water into the outside of the frying pan and cover it with a dome-shaped lid. This way, the steam will cook the top of the eggs while the heat from the pan will cook the bottom.

8. After a couple of minutes, once the eggs have started to solidify, remove the egg rings using a pair of tongs.

9. The centre of the eggs won't be cooked at this point, so you'll need to flip them and cook for an additional 20-30 seconds.

10. Finally, build those breakfast muffins! Place a square of processed cheese on the bottom of the grilled muffins and then add your egg, bacon (or sausage), and muffin top.

Et voilà! A tasty hangover treat that you didn't even have to leave the house for.

The beauty of these is that you can make them in a big batch, wrap them in wax paper or a sandwich bag and freeze them.

Then, next time you have a hangover you don't even need to faff about with all of the prep. Simply microwave the muffin for 1-2 minutes and you're good to go!

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