8 Emotions We All Feel When We're Hungry

Kate Moss made headlines this week for reportedly getting worked up over food - or lack of it - on a flight back from Turkey.

The supermodel was flying with Easyjet and, according to The Sun, was pretty pissed off when she found out they didn't have any sandwiches onboard.

As air hostess began to tuck into her own pasta pot, Moss was reportedly tipped over the edge. According to one passenger, Moss shouted: "It’s f***ing all right for them to eat pasta when we’re hungry."

But, *newsflash*, in times of extreme hunger we've all been there. It really can bring out the worst in us.

So, without further ado, here are the emotions we all experience when hunger strikes - whether on an Easyjet flight or simply sat at your desk...

You realise you haven't eaten in five hours and all you can think about is your next meal.

Your stomach rumbles... "I hope nobody notices."

You can't think about anything other than food, glorious food. Let alone hold a conversation.

"Why are people asking me stupid questions? Can they not see I want to go and have lunch!?"

You need to decide on a restaurant. But your brain needs fuel. It's a vicious circle.

"Let's just go with the closest option." "McDonalds?" "Yeh, whatever."

"Why is there a queue?! Why is the service so slow?! Where. Is. My. Dinner?!"

You've eaten your grub and normality is restored... For now.


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