09/06/2015 14:53 BST | Updated 09/06/2016 06:12 BST

Ex-British Police Officer Shot Dead

Shocked British police officers spoke today of the popular former colleague shot dead while on duty in Canada.

Father-of-two Daniel Woodall, 35, was gunned down while searching a house in Edmonton, Canada, to look for a suspect involved in a hate crime.

Constable Woodall had served with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) for four years before emigrating to start a new life with his wife Claire and two young sons, joining the police force in Canada in 2006.

He was killed and a colleague with him, Sgt Jason Harley, 38, was also injured in the incident last night in south west Edmonton.

The house was then engulfed in flames and police say they are no longer looking for the suspect.

Edmonton Police chief Rod Knecht said: "This is a tragic night for the Edmonton Police Service and our city."

Constable Woodall, believed to be originally from Eccles, Salford, started his career with GMP in August 2002 and left for Canada in December 2006.

He was described by shocked former colleagues as a happy and popular officer.

Detective Inspector Jim Faulkner from GMP, said: "I can't really comprehend this has happened and I am in shock. 

"It really is tragic and my heart and thoughts go out to his family and colleagues.

"After completing his recruit training in 2002, Dan was posted to B group on response at the old Brownley Road police station in Wythenshawe. 

"Shortly after the move to the new Wythenshawe police station, I joined the team as an acting sergeant. 

"At the time, B group had some strong characters and some very experienced officers yet Dan did not let this faze him and he was quickly one of the team and friends with his colleagues.  

"He was a truly ebullient man - always volunteering for new challenges and experiences. 

"He was extremely keen to learn and always had a smile on his face.  He would do anything for any of his colleagues, every one of whom liked him and were sad when he decided to leave for Canada. 

"This was done purely for the benefit of his young family.

"There are a number of jobs I can remember him being involved in but one sticks in my mind. 

"Whilst he was dealing with a serious assault, the offender returned to the scene. 

"Dan was keen to make the arrest but the offender ran off on seeing Dan. 

"Unperturbed, Dan gave chase and threw his torch at the offender's back, which caused him to stumble and fall. Dan promptly arrested him.

"An appraisal in 2004 recognised his genuine team ethos and popularity amongst his peers."

Constable Woodall's death on duty is believed to be the first in 25 years for the Edmonton force and led to an outpouring of support and sympathy for him on social media in Canada and the UK.