TFI Friday Back On Screen: What Other Shows Making Their Debut In 1996 Would You Like To See Again?


So Chris Evans is returning to Channel 4 on Friday - with or without his 'Top Gear' chums - to mark the 20th anniversary of his era-defining, schedule-ripping entertainment show 'TFI Friday' with a one-off special.

In fact, it was in February 1996 that audiences first tuned in to watch such eclectic segments as 'Freak or Unique', 'It's Your Letters' and other novel ideas conceived by Chris and his pub chums Will MacDonald and Danny Baker. And with such unpredictable guests as Shaun Ryder and the Spice Girls, well, suddenly sedate Parky-viewing was only for the parents.

One of 'TFI Friday's great attributes was that there really was nothing else like it on the box. But there were some gems with their own merits. Here's our top 10 of the OTHER shows that debuted that year - if it looks like we're going to be in for another round the still unpredictable Evans and co, what else from that year's vault should we wish to see again, and what should be consigned to history?

Silent Witness

Top Ten TV Shows That Debuted In 1996

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