Waitress Pays Bill For Couple Who Lost Their Baby In Fort Worth, Texas

A couple who had recently lost their two-month-old daughter got an unexpected surprise when a waitress presented them with a note saying that their bill had been paid.

Debbie David Riddle wrote a heartwarming message on Facebook, that has since been shared over 9,500 times.

Debbie and her husband Shaun had taken their newborn baby, Glory, to the West Side Cafe in Fort Worth last month. When they went again on their own, the waitress, Kayla Lane, asked where their baby was. They explained that Glory has sadly passed away, but weren't prepared for what would happen next...

We eat at West Side Cafe on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth quite a lot and last month sometime we took our new baby, Glory in....

Posted by Debbie Davis Riddle on Thursday, 4 June 2015

When they received the bill, it read: "Your ticket has been paid for. We are terribly sorry for your loss. God bless - The West Side."

Kayla posted a photo with the couple, and wrote on her Facbeook page: "When this couple came into West Side yesterday, I surprised them by remembering their faces and their lovely baby girl, Glory.

"I did pay for their meal. I didn't want any recognition... I just simply wanted the satisfaction of being a helping hand in a time of deep sorrow for this family."

When this couple came into west side yesterday, I surprised them by remembering their faces and their lovely baby girl,...

Posted by Kayla Lane on Friday, 5 June 2015

The Riddle's have used their social media virality to start Glory's Garden, where they're collecting birdhouses to build a memorial garden.