Broken Home Kid's Emotive Illustrations Prove 'Nothing Is Broken' By Divorce

A nine-year-old boy has illustrated his story of being a "broken home kid" to show other children that actually, "nothing is broken".

Azka Corbuzier uploaded (with some help from his parents, we're sure) 20 illustrations into a video, describing the journey he has been on in the nine years since he was born.

The emotional video has been viewed more than half a million times in just one week and has attracted hundreds of comments from people saying how much the clip has touched them.

On his YouTube channel Corbuzier wrote: "I hope this can inspire you all that everything is ok when the love is still there".

Corbuzier wrote that when he was six years old, his parents argued a lot. They soon got divorced.

In his touching descriptions, which accompany his illustrations, Corbuzier said he was told "not to worry" and that they still both love him just the same.

Corbuzier decided to live with his dad, because he is "more fun to play with".

... but his mum moved very close to his house and still came to see him every day.

Showing the positive effects of his parents' divorce, the nine-year-old wrote that after the divorce, they stopped fighting and still went away on holiday together.

And while he might have been asked what it feels like to be in a broken home, the boy said "nothing is broken".

He just wants them to be happy. (We're welling up a bit here, you?)

Even though Corbuzier's parents are no longer husband and wife, he says that doesn't change the fact they are the "best parents I ever know".

At the end Corbuzier wrote: "I love you Mum", "I love you Dad", "I am HAPPY".

The illustrations have prompted other children to tell their own stories.

One person wrote: "I know exactly what you feel. Cause I'm in a broken home too. You can prove to everyone else with 'normal' lives out there that you can be more and more better than them. I mean in school and everything that you dreamed of. That's my kind of motivation."

Another wrote: "You are such a strong boy, Azka. And you are very lucky to have great people as your parents. Stay strong and kind, kid!"

Watch the video to see all 20 clips that document Corbuzier's journey with his parents. It'll make you go all warm and fuzzy inside.

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