Incredible Video Captures Slow Motion Lightning Strike Daytona Beach

This incredible video shows in slow motion the moment a lightning storm strikes the ocean at Daytona Beach in Miami.

Capturing lightning strikes on camera is probably one of the toughest things to do. Not only are you trying to capture something that's entirely unpredictable but you're also trying to capture something that'll blind all but the best camera sensors.

The achievement then of capturing lightning in slow motion is one that should be applauded and enjoyed to its fullest.

It's not clear how Clint Blevins was able to capture the lightning so accurately but according to Blevins the storm that followed was severe enough to knock over trees and cause mild chaos among the beachside hotels.

Scientists are still trying to understand the full complexities of lightning in its many forms, from the mysterious 'ball lightning' that is so often mistaken as a UFO.

To the effects that lightning strikes can have on manmade objects, whether it's ironically disabling a Tesla Model S or Russia's secretive lightning facility which hopes to harness one of nature's most powerful weapons.