Lancaster Cooks Up Gender Storm


Singer Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster has provoked controversy after saying that cooking robs men of their masculinity.

The model, 44, was appearing as a panellist on Loose Women alongside Ruth Langsford, Coleen Nolan and guest panellist Saira Khan when she made the remarks.

Lancaster, who wed the Scottish rocker in 2007 and has two children with the Sailing singer, said that she was all for "equal rights".

But she also told the ITV show that she was "a bit old fashioned" and believed in "the hunter gatherer, the macho man, looking after the family".

"I do agree with equal rights and if women want to go and work that's fabulous," she said.

"If anything, when men come home I think it's more a case of being more a part of the family, being with the children, spending more time with the children, being a strong role model.

"But going as far as cooking and putting the apron on, I think that, not belittles men, but takes the masculinity and I would miss that."

She added: "We're different... men are from Mars and women are from Venus, testosterone, estrogen, we're different creatures, I think you've got to let men do it their way..."

Viewers expressed their surprise on Twitter.

Reuben (@ubern) wrote: "Does Penny Lancaster live in the 1950s?"

Dani Carrington (@danicarrington) added: "Guess women are just used to being dehumanised then?"

Sarah (@sheen0418) wrote: "So men shouldn't cook dinner?? What about single dads?"

Lancaster also revealed that her husband dresses up for family dinner at home, saying he puts on a "smart pair of pants and a shirt".

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