That Awkward Moment When The Floor Is Wearing The Same Dress As You

It's bad enough crossing paths with someone in the exact same outfit as you, but it's even more of an awkward encounter when you've accidentally matched your dress with the floor...

And that's exactly what happened to one girl, when she turned up to an event and spotted something that looked rather familiar.

Imgur user beedat broke the internet when she uploaded this hilarious photo, with 1.4 million people viewing the snap in less than 24 hours.

Hiding her face in the picture, she commented on the photo: "I didn’t really know whether to smile or not, so I just went with the safest option :P".

It seems viral dresses are all the rage this year, from last week's incredible prom creation, to the whole white-gold/blue-black debate, we wonder what it'll be next...

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