Mother Who Is Eight Months Pregnant Admits Unusual Craving Is Licking And Eating Bars Of Soap

It's not uncommon to experience unusual cravings during pregnancy... but these often involve food of some sort.

However one mother has admitted a very unusual craving - she just can't stop eating soap.

Jess Gayford, 26, from Bristol is nearly eight months' pregnant with her second child and has said she will go through up to two bottles a week of liquid soap and munches on bars of Dove soap.

She said: "It came out of nowhere. I wanted to lick a bar of Dove soap. I went to buy a bar and started licking it. It sounds disgusting but it’s really nice."

Gayford’s partner, Lee Trimby, 31, said he was "initially worried" by her odd craving but has now been told that no harm will be done to their unborn child.

The mum-of-one to Alfie, five, said she had nothing like this during her first pregnancy

She said: "I wanted to eat baked beans and cheese but nothing weird."

It's likely that Gayford could have the condition "pica".

This affects children and pregnant women, and causes people to eat non-food items such as sand, ice or paint... yum.

Back in 2012, Anna Curran who was pregnant with her fourth child admitted her unusual pregnancy craving was newspaper.

She said: "I sit and tear the white bits off the edges of the pages and keep them in a bag so I can eat them while shopping."

What pregnancy cravings did you have, if any? Were they as unusual as soap?

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