Arnie Pranks Fans As 'The Terminator' For After-School All-Stars Charity

Arnie Scaring The Crap Out Of People Dressed As The Terminator Is Prank Gold

Arnie has been terrifying the bejeezus out of innocent and unsuspecting members of the public while made up to look like the terrifying and ever-so-deadly Terminator.

It's for charity though so it's all good.

Schwarzenegger took to the streets of Hollywod, performing his hilarious pranks at the Madame Tussauds Wax Attraction.

He then took to Hollywood's streets to see if he still had the old magic, shopping for some rather dadgy sunglasses and odrdering truck drivers to "GET OUT!".

And watching one of the poor sidewalk impersonation Terminators trying to out-do the real thing is worth a watch in itself.


The stunt was filmed for the After-School-All-Stars charity and the forthcoming release of Terminator Genisys.


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