18/06/2015 09:22 BST | Updated 18/06/2015 11:59 BST

Woman 'In Relationship' Asks Men Out, Exposes What We Really Think About Cheating

Let's face it, most of us realise that cheating has the potential to ruin a relationship. But does that stop us from hooking up with someone we know is spoken for?

Apparently not.

In a new social experiment, YouTuber Josh Paler Lin and his friend Lauren find out just how lax our morals are when it comes to cheating.

In their secretly filmed video, Lauren approaches men in the street and strikes up a conversation.

She tells them her boyfriend is "going away for the weekend" and asks them if they want to meet up.

"It's not really like cheating I don't think, it's not emotional, it's more physical," she tells one guy.


Josh, pretending to be Lauren's boyfriend, interrupts the conversation halfway through. Then after he leaves, Lauren asks the men if she can have their phone number.

To her surprise, every single one passes over their digits without hesitation.

Seriously guys, what ever happened to mates before dates?


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