Chris Pratt's Raptor Stance From 'Jurassic World' Inspires Zookeepers

Following the rip-roaring success of 'Jurassic World', zookeepers and animal wranglers across the globe have taken to copying Chris Pratt's raptor training stance with their own beasts.

It looks quite normal with rhinos and the like, but it's a bit ridiculous with chickens. Or flamingos. Or cute little otters.

On Wednesday, Tumblr user Feminerds shared a photograph of a zookeeper copying Pratt’s pose with a group of walruses.

The photograph went viral, and social media was soon abuzz with images of zookeepers everywhere lampooning the “Jurassic World” scene.

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Chris Pratt thought it was hilarious, tweeting Wednesday that he found the photos "absolutely awesome".