Russian Engineer Too Lazy To Remember Wallet Surgically Inserts Oyster Card Chip

This Guy Became A Walking Oyster Card By Slicing Up His Hand

Forgetting your Oyster card is the bane of most commuters' lives and one Russian engineer has come up with an odd (and brutal) solution to the problem.

Vlad Zaitsev who apparently struggles to remember his wallet every morning, sliced up his own hand and inserted a chip cased in silicon underneath his skin.

The chip is Moscow's version of our Oyster card and Zaitsev's DIY operation now allows him to simply wave his hand past the scanners in the city's subway stations.

While slicing your hand might be an inconvenience to most, the engineer insists that the operation was not painful and has not caused any medical complications.

Zaitsev deliberately placed the chip, which belongs to the Troika card in silicon to prevent an adverse reaction.

Once inserted the blood was mopped up with kitchen roll and his hand was sewn up with thread.

Aside from sporting a rather large gash on his hand, Zaitsev has also admitted that the scanners don't always read his surgically implanted chip very well.

However, this small hiccup does not appear to have stopped the engineer's ambitions.

He said: "The main thing was that I wanted to know what it felt like to have a chip under the skin, it actually opens up a whole range of possibilities and I think anybody else that tries it will quickly see what I mean."

His next plan is to implant his credit card chip into his left hand, but given the sheer effort (not to mention all the blood) of his experiment it is safe to say that wallet manufacturers are unlikely to go out of business any time soon.


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