20/06/2015 06:33 BST | Updated 20/06/2015 06:59 BST

Chris Evans Uses Jeremy Clarkson's ‘Top Gear' Catchphrase To Close ‘The One Show'... And Fans Aren't Impressed

Chris Evans hasn’t exactly been a hit with ‘Top Gear’ fans, and his decision to jokily pinch Jeremy Clarkson’s famous catchphrase, to close an episode of ‘The One Show’, hasn’t gone down well.

On Friday afternoon it was announced that Chris will depart ‘The One Show’, in order to focus on rebooting the motoring show.

Chris Evans

At the close of Friday’s episode, Chris decided to utter the line, “And on that bombshell…”, before giggling and covering his mouth.

Chris’s joke didn’t go down too well with ‘Top Gear’ fans, and of course, plenty of them took to Twitter:

Since being announced as the show’s new host, Chris hasn’t exactly endeared himself to fans.

So far, he’s promised a female host (which we’re all for), only for the BBC to deny that the new line-up will definitely include a woman, suggested adding more motorbikes, and started something of a feud with Jeremy.

The hunt for two more hosts is currently on-going, and in an interesting twist, members of the public will be able to put themselves up for the job.

But what other celebs could be in the running for the role? Check out all the likely candidates below...

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