Tennent's Lager Builds Tinder-Style App, Binder That Helps Men Break-up With Women

Awful Tinder-Style App Lets Men 'Bin' Women In One Swipe

Breaking-up is not the easiest of things to do, but doing it over an app has got to be one of the worst examples of human behaviour possible.

In one fell swipe, men can let their current partners know that they are on the verge of becoming exes.

Styled on Tinder, the app works by sending people a voicemail letting them know they've been dumped. Charming.

Tennent's Lager developed the app 'for laughs' and all the messages including "it’s not me, it’s definitely you”, “it’s like I’m living in some sort of unwakeable nightmare," are centred around the assumption that the app's users will be male.

The company say 'Bindim, presumably for women, is in the works but they might have to change their ad jingle that states “you want to dump your girlfriend good but you haven’t got the balls for it.”

The only potential lining to this very grey cloud is that these lyrics quite accurately describe the person doing the dumping.

If you've thankfully not had the experience of being 'binned' by an app, here's what you would hear on Binder.

“Hi. I’m from the app Binder, which is exclusively for dumping people so, erm, this phonecall’s not looking good from the off. So, you’re dumped. Really badly dumped. I mean, he dumped you using a dumping app. Maybe he’s not the guy for you. Sit down, look at your life choices. Decide what you want to be, perhaps take a sabbatical, I don’t know what you do. Find you, take some time, find out who you are and get back in the saddle. But yeah, you’ve been dumped. Bullet point. Dumped. Bye!

Well, at least there is no risk of sugar-coating the situation like a real human being might.

Jordan McKenna of Tennent’s Lager said: “There are hundreds of sites that promise to make the dating game easy. They look after everything - except the splitting up part.”

On the bright side, this appily-never-after feature means that there will be fewer idiots standing between you and true love.

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