22/06/2015 10:25 BST | Updated 22/06/2015 10:59 BST

Stonehenge's Tallest Stone May Have Accurately Predicted Midsummer Solstice Sunset

This year's summer solstice may have proved a rather unusual theory about Stonehenge's tallest stone and its ability to predict sunsets.

Earlier this year, the site's steward Tim Dawpredicted that the midsummer sun would set in alignment with the back of the monument.

His theory involved a line of stones positioned at 80 degrees to the axis of the tallest stone and he tweeted a picture last night, which he believes proves his prediction right.

Daw told the BBC:

"It wasn't the best evening for a sunset picture as a bank of cloud came in at the wrong moment but it was close enough to prove the point. I put forward this theory. I said 'this stone, the sun will set along its back' (on) Midsummer. Yes it did. (There was) a wonderful sunset last night. We could see the sun going down directly in line with... the back of this stone. It was fantastic."


Around 23,000 people gathered in Wiltshire at 4.52am yesterday to see the sunrise that marks the longest day of the year.

Among the revellers were pagans and druids who value the 5,000 year old stone circle's religious significance.