Amazon's Echo Now Available To Purchase In The US

Amazon Echo the new voice-controlled speaker that also doubles as your personal assistant is now available to all US residents.

Echo will respond to the wake up phrase 'Alexa', at which point you can ask it just about anything. Amazon's really looking to make voice control as seamless as possible so there are seven microphones dotted around the speaker which mean you can talk to it from anywhere in the room without having to raise your voice.

If it all seems a bit similar to the computer from Star Trek then to be honest, you're not far wrong. Echo uses Amazon's cloud servers so it's constantly learning to understand you better.

You can ask it to set reminders, ask it questions as you would Siri or Google Now and it can give you breaking news, weather updates and more.

Of course it's also a speaker, which means it can stream music from TuneIn, Prime Music and iHeart Radio.

So when can you buy one? Well at the moment you can't, at least not in the UK. In fact even if you're in the US you're going to have a hard time getting one because it's invite-only. You'll still have to pay mind, although it's only $99 for Prime users or $199 for everyone else.

Why the exclusivity? Well this is not only a niche product but it's also attempting to do something new so Amazon's probably looking to get a wad of feedback before it starts mass-producing them.