Mother Describes Giving Birth To Stillborn Son: 'I Delivered My Baby, He Just Never Took A Breath'

One Mother Recounts Delivering Her Stillborn Son

One mother has described the heart-wrenching moment she was told her son no longer had a heartbeat in this emotional video.

Dr. Eleni Michailidis was preparing to give birth to her first child, Alexander at 38 weeks, and tells the story of what happened after she was given the devastating news that she would have to deliver her stillborn son.

"The role of a mother starts the minute you find out you're pregnant," Michailidis tells the camera.

She said she remembers feeling less movement at around 38 weeks, so she phoned the doctor.

The doctor told her it can be normal to feel reduced movements when they are positioned funny, but if she was worried then she should drop by.

When she went to the hospital, a second doctor confirmed that there was no longer a heartbeat, but she soon started having contractions.

Michailidis said being on the labour delivery floor with babies crying and sounds of happiness was one of the hardest things she had to do.

"It was torture being on that floor, it's meant to be a time of celebration," she tells the camera.

"I heard everything, but I never heard my baby."

After delivery, the mother said she was able to spend a short four hours with her son, Alexander, before he was taken away.

She says: "I did deliver my baby, he just never took a breath."

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