Scientists Create Wearable Electronic Screen So Thin It Can Be Worn As A Dress

We all have those awkward moments when we turn up to work or a party dressed the same as someone else.

Instead of avoiding that person for rest of the evening, science has come up with a marvellous technological solution - a display so thin that it can be worn as a dress.

The super-thin material is a breakthrough for flexible displays and is reportedly thinner than human hair.

Previously such materials were only able to show a limited number of colours but a paper published in Nature Communications, reports how researchers were able to display the entire colour spectrum of visible light by changing the voltage applied to the surface.

At the core of this material is liquid crystal. When voltage is applied to it, the changes in molecular orientation cause different wavelengths of light to be absorbed and reflected allowing different colours to be seen.

Lead author Debashis Chanda and team proved their material's incredible display capabilities using the famous image of the Afghan Girl.

They were able to successfully change the colours of a 1mm image by applying different voltages to the material and Chanda says that if the picture was to be blown up, the resolution would be similar to that of a television display.

Chanda told

“If you look in nature, your octopi and your chameleons actually create colour based on their skin and ambient light.

“Any surface where you want to change the colour or the pattern, you could use this kind of technology.”

While it may take a while for this material to take over high street fashion, the technology does pose huge implications for the army and of course, the less important matter of matching party dresses.