'Seashells' Film Captures Poignant Moment A Young Girl Realises She Needs To Start Wearing A Bra


Every woman has a first bra experience, and if you were lucky it didn't involve your mum dissolving into laughter (and then realising you were serious about needing to buy one).

Seashells is a poignant documentary by Dazed about one young girl journeying through the moment she realises she has to start wearing a bra. It balances that transition between being a girl who plays with dolls to taking her first tentative steps into the adult world, and we have to say, it has done a good job of capturing the nuance.

It begins with actress Michelle Moores in her pink bedroom playing with dolls and then moves on to playing with her friend and eating bubblegum cigarettes. They discuss who knows the most 'cuss words' and Moores pretends like she knows more than she actually does. (Her friend isn't fooled).

Once she goes home and is tucked up in bed, she then has a conversation with her mother about how her chest hurts.

Her mother squeals with excitement and is very reassuring but Moores just can't stop crying. And that's before she experiences years of underwire digging into her rib cage.

Mum places two crop tops on the bed so she doesn't have to go through the ordeal of picking them out herself (anyone else remember Tammy Girl?), which makes her a pretty decent parent.

We asked our Lifestyle team (anonymously, of course!) for their first bra experiences and let's just say, the answers were varied.

One writer said: "Being part of the Baby Boobie Brigade, bras made their way onto my radar quite late, when I tried on my secondary school uniform and realised how see through the shirts were.

"When I told my mum I wanted to go bra shopping I was grateful she didn't say "why?". I was even more grateful that M&S stocked a bra small enough."

Another said: "I had to graduate from crop tops earlier than I would have liked (or needed to) as if anyone caught sight of the back of your crop top, (as opposed to a bra clasp), as you changed for PE (trying as best as possible to get your t-shirt on before you've got your shirt off, obviously) then you would never live down the mocking."

And lastly, the honest approach. "I was playing outside with all the other kids and a relative quietly pulled me aside and blatantly said "you need a bra" and that was that."

Tell us your first bra stories in the comments below...

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