Walmart Wouldn't Give This Guy A Confederate Flag Cake So He Got Them To Make An ISIS Cake

Walmart Won't Make A Confederate Flag Cake But Will Make One With An ISIS Battle Flag

Meet Chuck Netzhammer. He is very, very American. In this video, which he presents from the seat of his motorbike, he tells us about a recent ordeal at a local superstore.

In the US, Walmart will print any image onto a cake if you bring them a picture, but in light of recent events they have stopped selling merchandise bearing the Confederate Flag. Upon being refused a cake in the store, Netzhammer went home and decided to have some fun with them.

He pottered home and printed off the Islamic State's battle flag to see if they took offence. Apparently, they didn't.

The Walmart employees who were forbidden from selling Confederate Flag merchandise still went ahead and printed the ISIS logo onto a sponge cake, Netzhammer says.

We're struggling to believe him, but he does have an awful lot of paperwork (and an actual Islamic State cake).

Walmart have since apologised for honouring his ISIS cake request.

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