29/06/2015 08:33 BST | Updated 29/06/2015 08:59 BST

Watch This Camera Zoom 83X In On The Moon

What could you see with an 83x zoom? It's a lot, and in fact the Nikon P900 is the only bridge camera that can offer it.

Sporting a feature called 5.0-stop Dual Detect Optical VR, the P900 can detect the vibration on both the lens and the sensor. Once the picture is taken the onboard computer does some serious silicon-based wizardry and compensates for the shake.

Why would you want it though? In fact, how do you even comprehend what 83x really is? Would you be able to see the top of a building? What about the colour of the shirt of a person on top of the building?

Well how about the Moon. How much of the Moon could you see? The answer is probably not what you were expecting.

This far?


How about this far?

the moon

Keep going...

the moon

Just a little further...

the moon

Ok quite a lot further...

the moon

Surely not...

the moon

Ok now you're just showing off.

the moon