Lauren Goodger And Boyfriend Jake McLean Say They Want To Have A Baby 'Sooner Rather Than Later'

Lauren Goodger may have only reunited with boyfriend Jake McLean a month ago, but she’s already admitted she’s thinking about starting a family with him.


After The Goodge unveiled a new tattoo of Jake’s name last week, she’s now told OK! magazine that they’ve spoken about starting a family together, saying we could be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet “sooner rather than later”.

Lauren Goodger

She told the magazine: “Getting married isn't really a priority.

“I still have a few things I want to achieve in my career but I want to be a young mum so we don't want to wait too long. I can't wait to be the mum of Jake's children.”

Lauren also revealed why she kept schtum about reunion with Jake for such a long time, insisting: “I can't stand it when couples flood social media with pictures of themselves, that's not real to me. I don't need to post pictures of Jake to prove I love him or that our relationship is real.”

Which is all well and good, but on Tuesday morning, when her OK! interview went on sale, she posted a photo cuddling Jake on her Instagram page... which she’s since already deleted.

Oh dear.

Read Lauren and Jake’s full joint interview in the new issue of OK! magazine, on sale now.

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