'Love Island': Josh Ritchie Dumps Naomi Ball For Refusing To Have Sex With Him

While the ‘Love Island’ villa isn’t exactly filled with men with emotional depth, even we were shocked by one contestant's reason for breaking things off with his partner on the show.


Josh Ritchie has sent the ITV2 show to a new low, by calling time on his romance with Naomi Ball for not having sex with him on TV.

Love Island's Naomi and Josh

The lad confessed he felt “friend-zoned” by his girlfriend’s refusal to do the deed in a house filled with cameras.

Speaking in the Beach Hut on Monday night’s episode of the reality show, Josh said: "In our relationship I just think we are staying at one level, where everyone else is stepping up a level. If we just stay at this one level we’re both just going to drift apart and we’re just going to friend-zone each other.

"I feel like in a relationship you've got to have sex and stuff, it's not gonna go nowhere unless we have sex," he added.

Josh then confessed how he felt to Naomi, telling her: "If we just stay at this one level we're both just going to drift apart and we're just going to friend-zone each other. I don't know what can change it, it's hard... 'Cos obviously I don't want it to be awkward..."

“I still really like you, I think you're really lovely," she said, before adding: "Barbie and Ken have split up."

Josh breaks things off

However, Naomi seemed to move on pretty quickly, setting her sights on fellow Islander Max Morley, who is currently coupled up with Jess Hayes.

Max and Jess

And it seems Max has battling which girl to go for, charmingly saying in the Beach Hut: "Do I now carry on with Jess, get my end away, have a good three-weeks sh*gging, or do I start something with Naomi, where something can be long term and something maybe outside of the villa but not have sex, not have as much of a laugh?

"It's a genuine penis/head dilemma."

Words fail us.

‘Love Island’ continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Love Island's Joshua Ritchie

Love Island's Joshua Ritchie