Venus And Jupiter Appear Fraction Of A Degree Apart In Night Sky On June 30, NASA Says

Jupiter And Venus Got Cosy Last Night And It Was Spectacular

Earth was treated to a spectacular planetary show last night as Jupiter and Venus had a 'jaw dropping close encounter.'

To demonstrate just how close the planets were, NASA explained that star gazers on earth would be able to fit both behind the width of their little finger -- think Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 covering his space bound view of earth with his thumb.

According to NASA, the celestial slow dance did not pose any real astronomical value, but was simply a beautiful thing to watch.

Over the last month, Jupiter and Venus have been inching closer towards each with the degrees of separation between them gradually shrinking.

Last night was the closest the planets have ever been -- one-third of a degree apart, which NASA described as "a jaw-dropping close encounter."

Despite Venus being about 46 million miles from Earth and Jupiter being 560 million miles from Earth, plenty of people around the world were able to see the planets get up close and personal with each other.





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