03/07/2015 07:55 BST | Updated 03/07/2015 07:59 BST

This Chameleon Mood Scarf Could Actually Change How You're Feeling

We'll always associate mood rings with the 90s, but the trend for colour changing accessories is set to take off once more - with colour changing technology now in everything from jumpers to nail polish.

This new scarf from Amsterdam-based company Neffa claims to take things one step further... not only does it differ in hue depending on your mood, but it promises to actually help change how you feel.

The Chameleon Scarf, inspired by its namesake lizard, switches its pattern according to temperature, UV light and the user's mood.

The colours turn bright when your body temperature is regulated (which happens when we're happy), but disappears as it heats up (which can mean you're stressed or angry).


According to the Neffa website, the silk-chiffon scarf also blends into one's surroundings when you're feeling stressed or scared and "creates a permanent sense of comfort, warmth, peace, and safety."

The scarf mimics a chameleon's skin, which contains different overlaid colours. The scarf is composed of separate layers, each with its own color and pattern.

While this may work for lizards out in the wild, we're not sure if our scarf blending in with our surroundings is going to help us through a stressful Monday morning. But it's worth a try...



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