03/07/2015 04:52 BST | Updated 03/07/2015 04:59 BST

Katie Hopkins Defends Kelly Brook After David McIntosh's Attack On His Ex

Katie Hopkins has surprised us all by jumping to the defense of Kelly Brook, following her ex-boyfriend David McIntosh’s attack on her.


The motormouth hit out at the former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star after he made a series of claims about Kelly during an interview with new! magazine, saying that he “wasn’t physically attracted to her”.

katie hopkins

Katie Hopkins

Katie has now waded into the row in her column for The Sun, branding David “physically and mentally repellent”.

She wrote: “Here’s the thing, beefcake: I find you physically and mentally repellent. You are a man who has spent too much time looking in a mirror and too little time looking in a book.”

But despite defending Kelly’s honour, she couldn’t resist a cruel dig at enemy Gemma Collins, adding: “So leave our Kelly alone and pick on someone your own size — Gemma Collins, perhaps?”

Not cool, Katie.

kelly brook david

Kelly Brook

Speaking about Kelly earlier this week, David said: “I didn’t think she was the sexiest woman in the world.

“It was more about who she was. She was hot but I wasn’t physically super attracted to her.”

kelly brook david mcintosh

Kelly with ex David McIntosh

The former ‘Gladiator’ also passed comment on her new relationship with Jeremy Parisi., adding: “I doesn’t really bother me now, but I feel sorry for Jeremy because he looks like a decent lad.”

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