03/07/2015 06:15 BST | Updated 03/07/2015 06:59 BST

Michelle Watt's Father Jim Speaks Out About His Daughter's Suicide

Boxer Jim Watt has opened up about the death of his daughter, Michelle, who died last month at the age of 38.

In a bid to encourage conversations about mental health, Jim has stated that Michelle’s cause of death was suicide, explaining that she struggled with depression.

jim watt michelle

Michelle Watt

According to the Daily Record, the ‘60 Minute Makeover’ presenter began suffering headaches and blackouts in 2014, later having a lumbar puncture to try and discover the cause of her health problems.

"From that point her life was horrendous,” Jim is reported as telling The Sun. “She was in constant pain and wasn’t sleeping. It knocked the stuffing out of her.

“Her appetite went and the weight was falling off her. She had no enthusiasm — she didn’t want to see anyone or go anywhere.

"The spark just went. She just ceased to be Michelle.”

jim watt michelle

Jim Watt

Michelle’s death was announced on 26 June, and at the time, her parents were “too upset” to speak publicly.

Her ‘Club Cupid’ co-presenter Des Clarke paid his respects, stating: “My memories of Michelle are just all so happy.

“She was just really fun to be around and such a lovely, genuine person and so hardworking.

“I never remember her having a bad day. She was a beautiful-looking girl and so full of joy… This news is just a total shock. I’m actually still shaking.”

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