This Ultra-Rare SNES PlayStation Console Is The Nintendo/Sony Hybrid That Never Got Made

Incredible pictures have emerged of what appears to be the previously mythical SNES PlayStation console that was made by Sony for Nintendo but was never put into production.

Uploaded onto the Assembler Games forum by user 'Dnldbld', the images show the ultra-rare console, its controller and even a games cartridge.

According to 'Dnldbld', the console was owned by his father who had kept hold of the rare prototype since its creation in 1991.

So why does a SNES PlayStation even exist? Well the legend goes that back in 1991 Nintendo and Sony signed a deal which would see Sony create a CD-ROM add-on for the SNES.

Sony built a limited number of the prototype console however it was thought that none had survived after Nintendo famously turned its back on Sony and opted for Philips instead.

Of course the story had a particularly happy ending for Sony because just three years later the company turned its SNES PlayStation prototype into the iconic PlayStation, one of the most-successful games consoles ever made.

Nintendo has since famously shunned conventional disc management for its own custom cartridges and discs on the N64, GameCube, 3DS and more.