06/07/2015 07:14 BST | Updated 06/07/2015 07:59 BST

'She Was My Future': Man Shares Heartbreaking Photo Of Partner Who Passed Away Unexpectedly

Tissues at the ready.

A man has shared a heartbreaking photograph of his partner who passed away unexpectedly and it has gone viral.

"The woman I love passed away unexpectedly today," he wrote in his Reddit post. "I know she's just another random internet face to all of you but to me, she was my future."

Although the man has revealed no more information about his partner's passing, their story has touched the hearts of many. The post has received with more than 500,000 views in the first five hours and hundreds of comments (and counting).

"There are no words, I wish there were," wrote one user, adding, "I can say though, that we looked at the picture of you two. she was in our thoughts, even if only for a moment. For that moment she wasn't just a random internet face. She was a person, she was your special person.

"I know this sounds insincere, it always does, I'm so sorry for your loss. As many other people have said, you can pm me anytime if you need someone to talk to, need a distraction in the middle of the night, anything. There aren't words to heal your pain, but you're not alone."

Another wrote: "That is incredibly sincere and heartfelt. Posts like this makes me have faith in humanity and is another reason why I love this community.

"I too lost a girlfriend about 14 years ago. I was broken. I let it get to me and I closed off from the world. Let this post and others like it, people wanting to help, and family help you. I didn't and I paid the price. People only want to help and try to understand your pain. Don't get upset with them for saying what they try to put across as attempts to understand your pain. Let them in and help you heal.

"I'm sorry for your pain but let her live in your heart and you try to move on in time. All the best, friend."


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