07/07/2015 11:24 BST | Updated 10/07/2015 05:59 BST

Babies' Poo Faces Captured In Slow Motion As Part Of Pampers Award-Winning Advert

You know the face. The face that tells you your baby is going to the toilet. The face that looks full of concentration and consequently leads to a very smelly nappy.

Pampers has used this as inspiration for their latest advert, celebrating with the hashtag #PampersPooFace and empowering parents "not to fear the mess" that comes afterwards.

Saatchi & Saatchi London filmed babies for the latest Pampers advert in slow motion to show the changing faces of going to the toilet.


The award-winning video documents the faces babies make during the whole process: from the first signal that they need the loo, all the way through to when the deed is done.

How lovely.

Paolo Haeusermann, Brand Manager for Pampers, Northern Europe said: "We are really excited to launch our fun and light hearted video which celebrates and dramatises that adorable baby pooface which is an instantly recognisable and comical moment for all parents!

"We know that being a parent involves a lot of messy moments, but whatever that red face might lead too, with Pampers Wipes a clean baby is just a wipe away!"

The advert won a bronze Lion in Film at Cannes, and a silver and a bronze in Film Craft, according to AdWeek.


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Many people have used Twitter as a platform to say just how "realistic" the #PampersPooFaces are:

And some even contributed their own "poo faces"...

We could describe the poo faces of these babies in the advert, but we're just going to show you a few instead.

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