07/07/2015 06:57 BST | Updated 13/07/2015 05:59 BST

'Terrible' First Date Live-Tweeted By Writer In Coffee Shop (And It's Hilarious)

Canadian writer, Anne Thériault, was sitting in her local coffee house, trying (and failing) to do work, when her ears pricked up.

Over on the other table, she spied a couple who were clearly on a first date - the guy (a self-proclaimed James Franco lookalike and "writer") was hogging all of the conversation and making it 100% about him, while the girl was struggling to get a word in edgeways.

bored coffee date

Bemused by the awkwardness of the situation, Thériault did what any other person would do - she stopped what she was doing and live-tweeted their conversation.

"I decided to document it because I was supposed to be doing work, and obviously needed to do something while I was procrastinating," Thériault told Mashable.

"Also, this guy was every hilarious stereotype about sad, self-involved writers come to life."

Their awkward dialogue went a bit like this...

Note to self, don't ever date a writer.


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Live-tweeting is fast becoming a new way to share information as it happens. From skin-removal surgery to orgasm struggles - chances are, if it's a tad unusual, it's probably been live-tweeted.

And now this terrible coffee date can be added to the collection. Check, please!

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