'Shampoo Does Not Contain Poo': Morrisons Responds To Toddler's Letter

'Shampoo Does Not Contain Poo': Morrisons Responds To Toddler's Letter

A three-year-old boy who had been told by his dad that shampoo contained "poo", has received a letter from a supermarket setting the record straight.

George Hyde wrote (well, his dad did) a letter to the supermarket which read: "My dad says there is poo in your shampoo!

"I think this is yucky! Please stop putting poo in my shampoo."

The young boy signed his own name and added p.s: "I do love your pasta and steak pie and chips".

His mother uploaded a photo of her son's letter, which was written (but not posted) when she was not there.

She wrote: "This is what happens when I go out for the night. Apologies @Morrisons, you are about to get some very odd post... "

The supermarket's staff took it in their stride and responded with a sweet message telling the toddler that in fact, shampoo does not contain poo.

The toddler's dad, John Hyde, revealed Morrisons' "excellent reply" by uploading a photo on Twitter.

The letter read: "I am glad your enjoy eating our pasta and steak pie and chips.

"I know that shampoo has the word poo in it but it is not real poo. Your daddy was just kidding with you."

The letter continued: "I'm sending some pennies to buy some really nice smelling shampoo so your hair will smell of strawberries or melon or even pears!

"We hope we will see you and your daddy soon in Morrisons".

The letter was signed by Sarah Sharp, a customer services advisor.

After uploading the tweet, Hyde received hundreds of retweets and favourites with many finding the response from Morrisons "incredibly sweet".

One Twitter user responded to the reply saying: "That makes me want to cry. How great!"

Another said: "Great customer service from @Morrisons!"

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