Brian May Talks Armageddon And Why The 'Bruce Willis Solution' Won't Work

With his long cloudy white curls spilling on to his shoulders and a turquoise shirt unbuttoned to reveal a small gold medallion, legendary guitarist Brian May looked every inch a rockstar as he sauntered into a conference room tucked away in the stone-floored corridors of the Science Museum.

He was here for the premiere of Asteroid Day on June 30 – a new global initiative that aims to save the planet from death by asteroid or at the very least, provide a real life Armageddon-esque solution that doesn’t involve Bruce Willis.

As a side note, May thought Willis did a fine job of pretending to save the earth.

Asteroid Day’s beginnings appear to be a humble one, stemming from a simple conversation between May and Grigorij Richters, a German filmmaker who directed the event’s official movie 51ºNORTH.

May, like others working on Asteroid Day, does not have a rose-tinted outlook on what the annual event will actually achieve.

As he sat down to talk with us about all things science, Queen and armageddon, his softly spoken voice made one of the most powerful points of the evening: "One day it (Asteroid Day) may save the world."