How To Wear Shorts And Not Look Like A Total Drongo

How To Wear Shorts And Not Look Like A Total Drongo

Shorts are a menswear item fraught with peril. It's statistically near impossible to wear them without breaking some unwritten style rule in the process.

In reality anything goes - any form of short can actually look stylish provided the rest of your outfit's on point (except for camo shorts which officially died in 2006 along with cardigans and Crocs).

Here's how to wear them without people trying to take secret photos of you so they can laugh about it with their friends.

Note: it is also advisable to read this article instead of Googling 'men in shorts' because it turns out there's a lot of Tumblrs dedicated to the matter - including a lot more erect penises than we expected.

Shorts + a simple white tee = a failsafe summer outfit

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Team with luxe sportswear for a get-up that works on and off your bike

Keep the look even more relaxed with a jumper tied round your waist

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Or smarten things up with a nautical touch

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Take inspiration from vintage tailoring

Don't be afraid to make a statement

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Add a straw fedora and a pair of shades for instant Cuban gangster

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Footwear wise you can't go wrong with shorts and plimsolls

When you're on the beach or poolside, anything goes

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But remember, there is such a thing as too short

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A Man’s Guide On How to Wear Shorts


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