Princess Charlotte's Christening: Official Photos Released Showing Family Of Four For First Time

Princess Charlotte was christened on 5 July at Sandringham Estate and official photos of the family of four have now been released.

It was only the second time the Princess had been seen in public since she was born on 2 May and the first time the whole family were pictured together.

In the group photo, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are sitting in front with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the Queen next to them.

The christening ceremony itself was private, with the only invitees being the Queen, her husband Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Kate's family, along with a small group of guests.

Fans travelled from as far as Australia to line up outside of the church, hoping to get a glimpse of the nine-week-old as the family arrived at the church.

Another photo shows the family as a four with Prince George looking as adorable as always, while Charlotte lays peacefully in the Duchess' arms.

Two more photos show separate touching moments with the parents and their children.

A third photo shows the Duchess smiling down at Princess Charlotte while she gazes into the camera.

There is also a photo of Prince William holding Prince George, and the pair are both smiling happily together - it looks like they had a wonderful day.

Princess Charlotte's Christening

Princess Charlotte's Christening