Drone Captures Rainbow-Blowing Whale On Camera

So this whale sprayed a rainbow from its blow hole and a near-flying drone caught it on camera.

Ok we didn't believe it either until we saw the YouTube video-- knew there would come a day when we would be grateful for the red square with the white play button in the middle.

The footage from Mark Girardeau Media begins like most other drone videos -- calm crystal blue waters with a marine creature bopping around in the background.

While you may be tempted to get quite impatient as most of the video drags on with an aerial shot of water, the wait is well worth it.

At around 0:39 the magical (ok it's not) whale emerges and within a second you see it blow out a beautiful rainbow.

We realise of course, that it's not an actual rainbow (obviously) and that the glorious display is due to the marvellousness of physics.

We're not sure if this will ever happen again or if a drone will be around to catch it on camera, so enjoy!

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