Can You Solve The London Underground Station Name Emoji Quiz?

Here are all the questions and answers from the latest viral quiz.
So you think you know your Tube stations, huh?
So you think you know your Tube stations, huh?
NurPhoto via Getty Images

A new quiz is setting Twitter aflame. It’s simply a list of emojis, and you need to figure out which Tube stations they represent.

A few are fairly simple, but others are seemingly unsolvable - number 12 is getting everyone worked up. What is Clock Bus Canada?

As a note to whoever made this, Clapham isn’t a station. There are several stations with Clapham in the name. But we’re not too worried about that. We’re more concerned with what the hell number 12 is.

We think it’s a red herring and is just in there to mess with us. It must be. But we can’t stop thinking about it. It’s that blue and black dress all over again.

Here are all the answers (except number 12):

  1. Waterloo
  2. Angel
  3. Kilburn
  4. Seven Sisters
  5. Bow Road
  6. Blackfriars
  7. Elephant & Castle
  8. Bank
  9. Clapham
  10. Cockfosters
  11. Canada Water
  12. EVIL.
  13. West India Quay

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