'EastEnders' Actress June Brown, Who Plays Dot Cotton, 'Turns Down 'Reduced Hours' Offer' From BBC Producers

June Brown has reportedly turned down the opportunity to have her hours on ‘EastEnders’ scaled back.


It has been claimed that the 88-year-old soap veteran - who is currently celebrating her 30th year playing Dot in ‘EastEnders’ - was given the option by BBC bosses to have her hours on set slashed, to try and make filming easier for her, though she’s said to have refused the offer.

June Brown, as Dot Cotton

“Producers want to make sure she is well looked after – she’s an icon of the show and a national treasure.”

This year, Dot’s murder trial storyline made for one of 2015’s biggest soap stories, though the pressure clearly isn’t getting to acting pro June, who - according to the newspaper - has told friends she still wants to play the role well into her 90s.

June has previously spoken about her desire to continue working in ‘EastEnders’ as long as she possibly can, joking last year: “I’ll probably die first and they’ll take me out in a box.”

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