Parents Share Touching Photo Of The Moment Their Son Can Finally Say He 'Kicked Cancer's Butt'

'I Kicked Cancer's Butt!' Boy Holds Sign Sharing The Best News Ever

Two happy parents have shared a celebratory picture of their son holding up a sign telling the world he has "kicked cancer's butt".

The collage of two photos shows their son wearing Mickey Mouse pyjamas and smiling as he hold up a sign that reads: "Last day of chemo 7.11.15. I kicked cancer's butt!"

The parents, who uploaded the photo to imgur, wrote: Our little guy finally had his last Chemotherapy last night. He is now cancer free."

In less than a day, the photo received more than two million views on Imgur and hundreds of comments from people touched by the photo.

One user commented: "Now this is the kind of thing I like to see on a Sunday morning."

While another wrote: "Same here. I like how you can tell he couldn't contain his happiness in the second picture."

The photo also touched people who had lost family members to cancer, as one person wrote: "My dad passed away from cancer on 7-11-00 - it's usually a sad day, but this lil warrior made me smile. He's so happy! Congrats dude!"

Another imgur user wrote: "You just made my day! God bless you and continue to stay well. May you always have goodness and health."

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