Zayn Malik Tweets Naughty Boy Bizarre Message, After ‘No Type' Music Video Leak

Zayn Lashes Out At Naughty Boy Over Leaked Video Fiasco

Zayn Malik has lashed out at his former pal and collaborator Naughty Boy, following leaked clips of what appears to be his ‘No Type’ music video, a collaboration with rap duo Krept & Konan.

The former One Direction singer had some not-so-nice words for Naughty Boy on Monday afternoon, and it seems that he thinks the producer could be responsible for leaking the clips online.

The former besties probably won't be working together again...

Zayn wrote:

He then attacked Naughty Boy’s production abilities, adding:

Short sections of ‘No Type’ have appeared online during the last few days, but it’s unclear whether the track - or its accompanying video - will ever get a proper release.

Story continues below 'No Type' snippets...

Krept & Konan have previously discussed working with Zayn, but while they appeared to confirm that a video exists last week, the duo weren’t very forthcoming with details about when fans might get to see it.

Speaking on Capital FM, Krept said: "Maybe there's one [a video] out there, maybe it might never come out. There's no specific date. You just make music and [release it] when the time's right. There might be a leak, I don't know. We won't leak it, though."

A version of ‘No Type’ featuring MIC Righteous leaked online back in May, and at the time, Naughty Boy distanced himself from the track, insisting that he had nothing to do with the leak.

MIC Righteous hit back at his claim that the song was taken from a stolen hard drive, tweeting: “Lol @NaughtyBoyMusic tell the truth shah. We recorded them bars in ur studio months ago. .. Bout 'stolen hard drive'.” [sic]

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