Amanda Holden Compares Her Nipples To Ant And Dec: ‘They Always Stand On Certain Sides'

Amanda Holden Just Compared Her Nipples To Ant And Dec

We’re beginning to think Amanda Holden is on a one-woman crusade to get her nipples their own TV show, just don’t tell Ant and Dec.


The ‘This Morning’ host has even gone so far as to compare them to the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ hosts in a new interview.

Amanda Holden

The 44-year-old, whose boobs made the headlines after she appeared braless at this year’s ‘BGT’ auditions, reckons they’re just like the Geordie presenting duo because ‘they always stand on certain sides’.


It’s surely only a matter of time before they get their own agent? Mandy certainly thinks so.

Earlier this year, Amanda revealed she was planning on insuring her nipples for a £1 million each, claiming they’re her best asset.

“I decided if it was good enough for Kylie Minogue’s bum or Mariah Carey’s legs, it is definitely required for my nipples,” she told The Sun.

“I’ve got to make sure all my best assets are protected.”

Amanda Holden 100 Sexiest

Amanda Holden 100 Sexiest


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