Rapper Travis Scott Urges Crowd To 'F*ck Up' Audience Member Who Grabbed His Shoe

Rapper Travis Scott was left slightly enraged after an attempt at crowd-surfing nearly ended up with one of his rather expensive Yeezy Boost trainers being stolen.

The 23-year-old, whose real name is Jacques Webster, was performing at the Openair Festival in Switzerland when an over-zealous fan made a grab for the shoe.

Scott stopped mid-song to climb atop the security barrier and identify the man in question before declaring: "Get that motherfucker, get him!

"You try to take my shoe? You try to be a thief? Fuck him up! Fuck him up! Fuck him up!"

After what must have been a mauling from the crowd the would-be shoe thief is bundled from the gig hanging his head in shame.

That'll teach him...