15/07/2015 13:06 BST | Updated 15/07/2015 13:59 BST

Dutch Roundabout Livestream Gets Hijacked By Reddit

Just north of Amsterdam is the town of Purmerend. A quiet unassuming place (we have no idea, we've never been there), but we're sure it's a quiet unassuming place.

In the middle of this town is a roundabout, and next to this roundabout is a camera that just so happens to be live streaming everything that goes on around that roundabout to YouTube.

If there's one thing that Reddit loves, it's finding an obscure live streamed roundabout and turning it into something else, in this case a canvas for absolute silliness.

This guy decided to turn up as a wizard, because why not.

Of course it being the internet, not everyone has been writing nice things, but then that in many ways sums up the internet: mostly great but every now and then someone decides to draw a penis.

What has been most heart-warming however is the connection between the local who set the Reddit page up and the internet's subsequent responsses, as summed up by these: