Amazon's Prime Day: The Weirdest Products

The 15 July 2015 will forever be known as the day Amazon had its biggest sale ever. It was supposed to be the shopping event to end all shopping events, but when people got to the website they quickly realised it was more of a warehouse clean-out sale.

A lot of people logged on thinking they'd walk away with half-price iPhones, cheap TVs and a lot of good deals. However, items offered up included 100+ multi-packs of CD-ROMs (a relic of a long-lost era), random knick knacks and beauty treatments, and a few even weirder things...

Like a 55 gallon drum of sexual lubricant.

What on earth is anyone going to do with 55 gallons of lubricant? We don't really want to think about it.

A $353 saving on a female urinal kit:

Why was this $360 in the first place if it's just a piece of plastic they can afford to sell so cheap?

A shoe nobody wants to wear:

Crocs were never good. Don't buy them. Please. For the sake of humanity.

The world's biggest shoe horn:

Maybe necessary for some people, but still a weird thing to pop up when you're hoping for a discount computer screen.

A pointlessly large bag of cinnamon flavoured candy:


Something nobody will ever, ever use:

Sounds like a great idea in principal, until you get on it and realise you don't actually want to use it and the seat isn't as comfortable as your leather office chair.

A plastic pickle that makes a yodelling noise:


1500 live ladybirds

This must be fake. This can't be real. But it is.

Not exactly the deals of the century we were hoping for.

We think this chap summed things up quite well:

Still, at least there were some deals on good tech:

What a saving!!